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Little Mozrat

Monday, April 22 2019 17:00
Event duration 50 minutes
Part of subscription :פרינג'דודס
price 50 - 60 ₪

About the show

Little Amadeus is A virtuoso performance full of magic and humor

,about the formative years of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

.who was a child prodigy and grew up to be a genius composer

!At the age of 3 Amadeus already played the piano! At 5 he composed his first piece

.His father had big plans for him, Yet most of all, little Amadeus wanted to be a normal child

The play is beautifully set and performed by Gadit Cohen, single unique performer

how takes us to an amazing visual and emotional journey using

.tiny elements to describe a big subject , combined finger puppets, wigs & props

.During the play we are exposed to many of Mozart’s musical works


Duration: 50 minutes.



Created by: Gadit Cohen.



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