About the show

"Goral Hagra" is an ancient, secret and mystical ritual that stays among the sages of Jerusalem.

To bceremony demends an ancient Torah scroll written in two columns;

The Rabbi asks the question, then opens the book at a random spot and then count seven times here and seven times there.

The verse that falls in fate is the answer.

The show was inspired by the most famous miscarriage of fate performed by Rabbi Aryeh Levin,

a wonderful and mystical figure of a Jerusalemite "tzaddik",

After repeated pleas from the bereaved parents of the Convoy Of 35,

Whose bodies had just been transferred from Gush Etzion to Mount Herzl and that twelve of the fallen had not been identified.

Through a series of multi-disciplinary visual stage images,

Movement, music, lighting and advanced video screens, that challenge the border between cinema and theater,

The ensemble describes that incredible story.



Written and directed by: Yoav Michaeli

Video Art: Eli Levy

Music: Amir Grumman

Costumes: Maya Barniv

Participated by the actors of "Ayit" ensemble: Oren Atias, Ofer Freeman, Kobi Aderet, Roi Gur and Itzik Menasherov.

Photo credit: Saly Petel

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